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I wanted to say again just how much I enjoyed Thursday's recital. The sequencing was inspired, enabling several unfamiliar works to he heard in context alongside the Schoenberg - which I'd never encountered as a trio. The playing was both eloquent and deeply moving.  Peter

Thanks for a wonderful hour at st Barnabas this evening. Proper “time out”. Beautiful music and words. Well worthy of Radio 3. 

Linda M.

Legacy is an absorbing, thought-provoking, and moving program featuring an interestingly eclectic set of poems, musings and compositions. Much of the writing and composing was done by the two highly original artists presenting the program.

This performance will stay with you.

L. N. Head of Performance, Levine


I would like to thank you so much for organising tonight's concert. What a breath of artistic fresh air! I was completely bowled over by the standard of musicianship, the elegance of the programming and the relaxed joyously friendly atmosphere.


I came yesterday to your concert and enjoyed very much the music and the three excellent musicians!!!

The actor was excellent too and I loved the place. Elisabeth

This was a really moving experience.  The words and music worked so well together.  Amazing!  Victoria

The combination of cello and words was a moving and absorbing one.  The quality of Mayda's playing and the passion of Darris's reading was inspirational. Jennie

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