Rumi and the Reed Flute

Listen to the story told by the reed, of being separated. "Since I was cut from the reedbed, I have made this crying sound.” Jalalu'ddin Muhammad Rumi, the Islamic jurist, scholar, mystic, poet and founder (through his son) of the Mevleviyya order of Dervishes, the so-called 'Whirling Dervishes', dictated these lines to his disciple in 1258 at the age of 51. Rumi was born in Afghanistan, but after the Mongol invasion he spent 13 years of his life travelling with his family through present day Iran and Iraq. The family at last settled in Konya, Turkey where, 30 years later the lines above were uttered in Persian. They were to be the first of a series of almost 24,000 verses divided into 6 boo

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