A Concert in a Hair Salon - Art in the Community

Ardent Arts in the Community activist, Bona Shin, arrived in England from South Korea in 1994. Having studied acting in Korea, she gained a degree in Drama at Hull University and an MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy at Goldsmiths University in East London. Bona is on a mission. “Why do you have to go to the theatre to see great artists?” she asks. “Art and artists are all around us. I want to bring art to people where they are living, to create a space and opportunity where artists and audience can come together. Art,” she says, “is necessary for our psychological health. Art is beautiful; you should have a chance to experience that beauty. Art communicates; we need to be able to

Late Quartets: Beethoven and TS Eliot

In March 1931, the 47 year old Eliot wrote to Stephen Spender: "I have the A minor Quartet (the Op 132 quartet, one of the 6 late quartets of Beethoven) on the gramophone, and I find it quite inexhaustible to study. There is a sort of heavenly, or at least more than human gaiety, about some of his later things which one imagines might come to oneself as the fruit of reconciliation and relief after immense suffering; I should like to get something of that into verse before I die." Two years later Eliot wrote that he wanted to get "beyond poetry, as Beethoven in his later works, strove to get beyond music". It would seem he was seeking an ineffable understanding that words and music can only p

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