Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Erik Satie but Were Afraid to Ask

Erik Satie (the 'k' was his own invention as he had been christened Éric Alfred Leslie Satie), eccentric, rebel, humourist and self-professed phonometrician (measurer of sound) was born in 1866. He is perhaps best known for the first of his three Gymnopédies, a very early work that in its hypnotic repetitions and sense of timelessness, forecasts the style he later developed and honed. He was born in Honfleur, Normandy where his childhood home now houses the Satie Museum paying tribute to the breadth of his imagination, not to mention his quirkiness. When I visited it some years ago, I had trouble following the hand-drawn map a friend had prepared for me and was despairing of ever finding it,

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