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A New Genre?

A New Genre?

We are in the process of creating a new genre, part concert, part theatre. The best way I can describe it to myself is as a collage that uses words and music to elucidate the strange interior life of the diarist and novelist Anias Nin. We played a concert of the music of her brother and father with readings from her own work in the spring. But this new show is far more theatrical and will focus more on her interior life. Is it a play with music? Or is it an evocation of a strangely surreal dream?

Referencing Nin's own involvement in the surrealistic films for which Louis and Bebe Barron of Forbidden Planet fame created the soundtrack, we are creating our own soundscape for the show with the help of the wonderful electronic composer, Dan Freeman (watch and listen to the recent indie film Catch Me Daddy for a flavour of his work). Danielle Allen, director/dramaturg is helping us arrange and rearrange excerpts from Nin's diaries and novels. It feels like playing an extremely challenging game of chess. To date, I'm so pleased with the result. The readings now seem to create a narrative arc that suggests so many layers within Nin's inner world and her subsequent actions. And the music we have chosen to perform seems to give a deeper context to the words.

The first outing for the show will be at The Forge Camden in November, 2015. Watch this space!

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